My Halloween costume:
Well the word is now out.  You can wear a costume on Halloween but you have to be sensitive.  No more zombies or ghosts; we wouldn’t want to offend the dying or the dead.  No more recognizable groups except your own group.  No animals, I’m sure.  They need to be treated with dignity. 

So I think I am going to dress up as a rich white liberal.  I used to be rich, so I think I can get away with it.  White is of course a myth, but it’s one everybody believes.  I’m Scotch Irish.  We are pretty much of British extraction, which is mostly Paleolithic and we are more Paleolithic than the average Brit.  So really I am farther removed from say a German than he is from an Asian.  But nobody knows that, so I think white is safe.

Then there is the liberal thing.  In the US there are two pretty much indistinguishable sets of rules: liberal and conservative.  So whether I am liberal or conservative depends on with whom I speak.  Any real liberal or real conservative will immediately know I am an outsider.  So long as I talk to conservatives and keep to certain subjects I think my liberal credentials will hold.  For instance the environment is the only thing more important than babies.  If you have an environment and no people you will eventually get people and hence babies; it happened before.  If you have people and no environment you will soon have no people nor hope for them in the future.  See?  Liberal to the core.

So that’s the only costume left: rich white liberal, the scariest thing on earth.

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