Bill Whittle
I agree with everything, but there is one fact you cannot possibly know.  Barring rare and intense inbreeding, the closer kin you marry, the more children you have.  Choice, education and income mean nothing.  After you get out to 10th cousins it levels off, so that race, ethnicity, nationality and so forth mean nothing.  Here is a link that will prove it in five different ways, each with evidence independent of the others. Read the first 32 scripts.  Yes, it will take a little time, but we agree that this is important.
Although in the first generation the effect totally fades out past 10th cousin, if you follow a number of generations the effect builds over generations until birth rate for a population is ze-freaking-ro.  On present course, this will wipe out civilization this century.  Sorry, but I said before I can prove it five times over.  All those things like kids not being interested in sex – they are just ways that nature is imposing infertility.  Never a choice. 
Whether globalism will get this to spread to parts of Africa where the birth rate is still strong before the villages are scattered and cannot be put back together will determine whether there are any humans left at all by century’s end. 
If I had one wish today, it would be to convince somebody with brains and energy like you to pick up the standard.  I have fought most of my adult life to get out the warning, all in vain.
The only safe growth rate is zero.  That will happen if populations are held at some level, probably in the low hundreds, and equilibrate there.  Larger populations must be subdivided or written off.  How to bring this off I have no idea. 
Clearly luring people to leave their native villages and immigrate will kill off their offspring in a few generations as well as an equal number of native inhabitants.  It is a devil’s bargain.
As a scientist I do not believe in the devil, but if I did, I would say he is winning and may already have won, that persuading people to mix small communities serves evil better than convincing us he does not exist. 

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