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Now that December 21 has gone away completely and December 22, I thought you might like to see what they weren’t telling us.

5,125 years in the Mayan long count.

2012 AD               End of Mayan Calendar

3113 BC                3100 – 3050 BC first Egyptian Pharaoh.  Merimda head from about that time.
Picture of Merimda headf downloaded December 21, 2012

8238 BC                9130 BC – 8800 BC first construction at Gobekli Tepe.
Picture of ruins of Gobleki Tepe,r:9,s:0,i:117&tx=118&ty=70&dur=141 Downloaded December 21, 2012

13,363 BC             Before 10,000 BC Japanese Yonaguni monuments built.  Before that time the area was under water. 

Picrture of ruins of underwater Japanese strcture,r:9,s:0,i:117&tx=115&ty=93
Downloaded December 12, 2012

I know of no disasters.  These were all great advances, amazing advances, for civilization.  There was never any threat except insofar as civilization is a threat.  Of course every one of these occasions invited the association of people on a scale that is not biologically viable.  But otherwise it was more of a promise than a threat. 

I guess some day some even-newer-age dreamer will look back on the present era and say, “Computers, the internet, it must have been a thrilling time to live.”  And that won’t be far from the truth.  Of course I mean that will happen if we can get the biology of reproduction understood.  Give me a bit more time. 

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