October 30, 2010
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Dear Karen Bence:
I enjoyed meeting you last weekend at the Necronomicon science fiction convention in St. Petersburg.  And I have enjoyed reading your book Midnight Revelations, Karen M. Bence, The Dark Whispers Series Sterlinghouse Publishing, Pittsburg, PA 2008/ (Yes, I know you know where your own book is published, but this is to be an open letter and others might be interested.)

Ghost stories are popular.  Shakespeare’s most popular plays all have ghosts.  You handle them well.  You take great care to get your science and medicine right.  You are comfortable dealing with family ties, with children, biological parents and with situations that work out over generations. 

Assuming that there is no marketing problem with mixing a little science fiction into a ghost story so long as the science is valid, I thought you might be interested in one of the lectures I gave that weekend.  It was about a point that is:

  1. Valid science.  I include references from prestige refereed journals.
  2. Family oriented.  It has everything to do with family ties. 
  3. Exists in a long time frame.  This works out over multiple generations. 
  4. About biological parents. 
  5. Child specific.  This is about what makes it possible to have large families.  It is not what you think or what anybody else thinks because it is …. 
  6. Little known.  Even scientists who should know about it are ignorant.  In years of work I have never had anybody say, “Yes, I know that.”

But it does not lend itself readily to being a plot device.  I tried once.  The story is posted in half chapter installments at nobabies.net where this letter will also find a home.  I haven’t got a “wow” from anybody nor do I expect to. 

If you are interested, I attach the lectures I gave.  It is the first part of the first lecture that will interest you.  The rabbits will explain (yes we had actresses playing the parts of rabbits to make the first part of the point).

Thanks for a good read, and thanks for signing my copy.


M. Linton Herbert

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