December 12, 2018


Ann Gibbons
1200 New York Ave. NW
Washington DC 20005

Dear Ann Gibbons,
I had thought I understood the Dark Ages; it was a Europe wide failure of fertility.  Since we see it happening again, we have evidently squelched the term Dark Ages, so now it can’t happen to us, eh what? nudge wink? ha ha?  After reading your article “Eruption made 536 the Worst Year to be Alive,” Science vol. 362 no. 6416 November 16, 2018 page 733. It is clear that things are more complex.

Yet I stand my ground.  If a human population with random mating gets too big, and I make that more than a very few hundred, it will go extinct.  The explanation the mechanism down to the chemical level and the evidence are all on the enclosed DVD under Grand Summary Fertility.  As a journalist you might be interested in this, the greatest scoop of all time.  You might even save our miserable species from going the way of all the other species in our genus.  So check it out on the DVD.  I plan to be at the February meeting of AAAS, so you can grill me to your heart’s content or find any other scientist, but us together and watch the fur fly.  Unless he is made of flint, we ought to be able to get him to ralph on the floor. 

If I can clarify or help in any other way, do let me know.


Linton Herbert

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