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Dear Professor Thorne:
Modest and heartfelt congratulations to a renowned world authority from a bumbling amateur.  You’ll not remember me, but many years ago you were generous spirited enough to contribute along with John Wheeler to a symposium on cosmology at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas, organized by my big brother, and English professor.  He has not lost his interdepartmental flair and has organized a few friends to get together in Texas again, each to present his independent research.  My own will concern the positive relationship between kinship and fertility, the evidence, implications and my lab work. 

Back then, so many years ago, you kindly let me ask you about something that had been gnawing at my brain and continues to nourish itself of what neurons I have left.  I have updated this some, but let me recap. 

I shall build you a universe.  First I must borrow a neutron from you, and next I shall need a Void, inaccessible from our universe except for my tampering. 

I place the neutron in the universe and conduct it through a wandering journey.  There is no preferred speed or direction to time, no preferred number of dimensions, no laws of nature save relativity and the physical constants attendant upon the neutron.  In some place-like conglomerations at some time-like moments the neutron loiters such that local time proceeds in one direction as a consequence of relativity, and between these conglomerations where space is being stretched time moves in the other.  Black holes appear and vanish depending on which direction you choose to measure time, because of spin, asymmetry, electrical charge (of course your neutron decays and is reinstated when an electron meets a proton) and while the hole may be hermetically sealed in some directions , it is not so in others.  In the fullness of time like something or other the neutron finds itself in exactly the same time and place moving at exactly the same direction and speed as when we started, and I return it to you.

At least one conglomeration has some arbitrary characteristics:

  1. Symmetrical in three directions, the others being collapsed or non-existent.
  2. Non-spinning.
  3. Neutrally charged.
  4. Pretty much all matter rather than anti-matter.
  5. Big and dense enough to be an enormous black hole, billions of light years across.

This thing must collapse, and seen from within there is actual time.  No signal can escape this black hole, nor since the fringes are dropping in at light speed, can any enter.

As the conglomeration collapses, matter, energy and information must needs accumulate. 

The laws of thermodynamics specify that when a body is at absolute zero temperature its location is unspecified.  In the past few years somebody managed to capture some very cold atoms, and by manipulating them with laser tweezers put them in an arrangement so that there were more at a higher energy than at lower energies.  At positive temperatures the reverse is true, and at absolute zero the energies are all equal, namely zero.  So the intrepid experimenters achieved negative temperature.

I trust you have not wasted your precious time reading The Witches’ Hammer by Sprenger and Kramer (might have if you are reading this), but they make a big deal out of Satan’s phony miracles, which require some motion however sudden, contrasted with God’s true will, which is instantaneous.  I am a diagnostic radiologist, and we learn that when an electron strikes a tungsten anode x-rays are produced by bremsstrahlung, in consequence of the charged particle changing direction as it passes the charged nucleus – a Satanic-like process – and by a photoelectric effect of the charged particle transmitting energy to an electron in the tungsten – a divine-like instantaneous process.  The negative temperature was achieved by motion, and thus in going from a positive value to a negative must have gone through every energy in between, including zero.  At that moment the atom or the sample or ye gods the whole lab should have relocated to some random place or places in the universe or maybe beyond; it didn’t.  The implication is that even at zero temperature matter has a location-like thingamajig. 

Soo… as the conglomeration falls in on itself, dragging time and space with it, the non-thermodynamic location of all the matter requires less and less information to specify its location.  Thus (intuitive leap) every state of the conglomeration, each tiniest event, is totally specified by the staring conditions plus the invariant laws of nature.  On the other hand if one could, by some divine-like magical gesture, reverse the process, on point in the trajectory of the conglomeration when the size of the conglomeration is yea-so can totally predict any larger size.  So there is a pseudo-random prospect looking toward the larger universe; it’s sort of like a standard pseudo-random number table in your C++ language compiler.  It’s pre-determined but you don’t know what it’s going to be until you look.  That’s why we get Bell’s inequality. 

So here we do our magic.  Change the word “conglomeration” to “universe,” reverse what you call the direction of time, and presto you have the universe we all know and struggle with.  “Dark matter” is then the mass equivalent of the energy equivalent of the information in the non-thermodynamic location of matter; “dark energy” is the fact that as we look out in space and back in time we are looking down a gravity well.  It seems some calculations would be in order, but alas the young minds are not there; scientific advances are being made by progressively older people for the demographic reasons I shall soon be presenting in Texas. 

You listened carefully to what I was saying, and I concluded with, “But it’s not really a theory.  It can’t be tested.”

You said, “Ah, but if you see something actually fall into a black hole, you know which way time is going.  Even in your universe, your time-reversed conglomeration, nothing gets out of a black hole except Hawing radiation.”

“Of course, but that’s impossible.  There’s no way to watch something fall into a black hole.”

“Hmm, but there might be.  There is going to be an x-ray telescope put up in a satellite to observe a black hold called Cygnus X 1.  If there is a disturbance in the accretion disc, it might be possible to watch it spiral inward and destroy your theory.”

“Wonderful.  Nothing I like better than a theory that can be destroyed, that is until it actually is destroyed.” 

If I were prone to digression, I’d go off along the lines that any theory must ultimately be destroyed, because the “end” of the universe is the loss of all order … but I’ll spare you.

I never learned what the Cygnus X 1 data showed, but within the past few years they did observe a disturbance in an accretion disc.  Thing is that the disturbance was circling slower and slower; it should have been going faster and faster.

And now (Adrian Cho, Triumph for Gravitational Wave Hunt Science vol. 351 no. 6274 February 12, 2016 page 645) they have shown two black holes spiraling into each other.  The data show the peaks getting greater and more closely spaced, just as you would expect if time is going in the direction we all think it should go.  I know of no way out.  Unless my brain or reality comes up with something new, the theory is blown.  I am sure you have not been waiting with bated breath, but just in case you were, as the French herald said after the battle of Agincourt, the field, my lord, is yours.


M. Linton Herbert

Here is the graph from Adrian Cho, Triumph for Gravitational Wave Hunt Science vol. 351 no. 6274 February 12, 2016 page 645

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