February 3, 2010
Al Gore
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Dear Al Gore,
I remember fondly the pleasure as well as the pain of watching “Inconvenient Truth.”  So I am a bit ticked off at what I have just read.  You have been hung out to dry by “science.” 

You presented your wonderful chart comparing CO2 levels with global temperature over the years.  It was the best such graph I have ever seen, and I was curious about how the timing of peak temperature and peak CO2 went.  Had they coincided or had the CO2 levels peaked first it would have been natural for you to point that out.  Instead you stood in front of the data, rather obscuring it, but from what I could see temperature was peaking first. 

What could you have done?  The “scientific consensus” was that it was CO2 that was the driver, and since nobody can challenge a scientist but another scientist you were obliged to say what you had been told to say.  Now I read in Icy Hunt for Cold Air (Chaz Firestone, NATURE vol. 463 no. 7280 January 28, 2010 page 408) that every analysis shows that CO2 lags temperature on a time scale of centuries.  Ouch.

In the same issue, there was a comment (Ibid, Research on Global Sun Block Needed Now, David. W. Keith, Edward Parson and M. Granger Morgan, page 426) that maybe we shouldn’t be worrying about CO2 after all, but can put up a kind of parasol.  Such thanks you get. 

Perhaps you have that tranquility of soul that lets a person shrug off such a betrayal.  I hope not.  But I hope you have not vented your passion in a single tantrum.  Imagine a wave.  It is a brief splash that is forgotten at once.  A great rogue wave in a storm may kill a small ship.  But true power is in the tidal wave.  Over the abysmal plane of the sea it runs swift and silent, its roots feeling the floor miles down, its head only a few feet above the surrounding water and rising and falling slowly.  A ship passing over it may not recognize it at all.  But when it reaches the shore its true vigor is revealed and its wrath is terrible to behold.  Such I hope is your anger.  For I am going to ask you to do something very dangerous.  If you are in the mood, you will do it.  What I ask of you is this:

Think for yourself

Yes, I know we aren’t supposed to do that.  Do it anyway.  Just this once.  You’ve earned the right. 

Because there is a matter of far greater significance that needs to be addressed.  Yes, I agree that environment trumps all other issues.  But this particular environmental issue, however terrible, is not going to wipe us out.  Our other activities may do so, but warming will in all probability stop before the planet turns truly unlivable. 

The panic issue right now is fertility.  It is falling worldwide.  The general consensus is that 1) There are more people in the world already than we can sustain in the long run.  2) How many children a couple has is something they choose.  3) Stirring up the gene pool is a jolly good thing and can only result in healthier and more fertile people.  4) The population will eventually stabilize.  Well to begin with 1) and 3) are contradictory.  To the consensus is drivel from the get go.  But look at the points more closely.  1) Too many people: yes, I think so.  But there is a number below which we cannot drop and sustain a literate society, and that issue is important.  2) No, a couple does not decide by and large how many children they will have.  When they marry they decide how many children there children and descendants will have.  3) In fact stirring up the gene pool decreases fertility.  4) There is no evidence that a population with falling fertility will stabilize and a lot of evidence that it will not.

Some of the evidence I have been able to put together is on the enclosed DVD.  More is at NoBabies.net along with my correspondence.  And I am available to help clarify or help in any way I can.  I am sure that as a man of conscience you would lie awake knowing that women all over the world cry themselves to sleep because they cannot conceive, knowing that the cause is something they have never had explained to them and knowing that you could help. 


M. Linton Herbert MD

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