April 12, 2010

Albert d’Entremont PhD
University of Navarre

Dear Professor d’Entremont:

I appreciated your contribution to the documentary “Demographic Winter.”  I was struck that you pointed out that siphoning off the brightest and best of developing nations by the richest nations is not fair.  I fear that matters are more grim and unjust than is obvious.  Assuming that birth rates remain below replacement in the richest countries, they will all collapse, not just Latvia.  And immigrants, although they are now vital to the continued prosperity of the rich world particularly in the sciences, are not a cure for population decline; they rapidly become infertile.

So the scenario is that the rich world goes on for a few more decades, draining the best minds from elsewhere, holding up proudly an unsustainable standard of living, and producing the food and the technology that will permit the world to feed eight or nine billion people.  Then the rich world goes extinct leaving the rest to go hungry unless they can rapidly develop the skills they have been shipping out for so long.  That bothers me. 

What bothers me even more is that the rich world is exporting a social idea: the idea is the grand mix gene pool.  It is assumed that the bigger the gene pool is the healthier gene pool, and the more different kinds of genes we have mixed in, the more variation there will be for evolution to work on so we will all just get better and better.  The problem is that there is no evidence to support such a claim.

In fact, the evidence indicates the exact opposite.  If you can resist a lifetime of indoctrination and consider the possibility, the evidence I have gathered is at nobabies.net along with letters like this and anything else I think might be helpful or related. 

Have a look at it and let me know what you think, if you would be so kind.


M. Linton Herbert MD

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