March 30, 2019
Alex Jones
Dear Sir,
It would be so dangerous for you to run for president that I cannot bring myself to suggest it.  But if you choose to, maybe I can help. 

It seems to me that the conspiracy that led to banning you from YouTube is an attack on my own freedom of speech, since that implies freedom to listen.  I watched you much, enough so that I am convinced that the attack on me had nothing to do with your content.  Independent media is going to be inconsistent.  If I want hard facts, I expect to pay.  Alas, paying is available but not the facts in any publication I know of.  You know, yellow vests, the UN accusing a country we support of war crimes, the condemnation of the world for us “giving” the Golan Heights away, our support of genocide in Yemen, they all seem to be ignored.  Ignorance is not fact. 

There was even a squawk in Scientific American that independent media often got things wrong.  Somehow we manage to survive having weather channels that change their predictions: all those predictions cannot have been accurate, eh?  Trump, once questioned about his birther remarks said, “If I talk about that, you won’t talk about anything else.”  Made sense to me. 

Your content was simply not far enough from standard narrative to warrant a conspiracy accusing you of imagining there are conspiracies.  … So, what then?

I suspect they consider you dangerous to them, not to us.  It’s that boundless energy; I’ve never seen the likes.  Well if they are afraid of you, maybe there is a logic behind it.

What I have to offer is on a DVD, Word, Windows 10, starting with “collection.”  Hold your hat; this will seem like extraterrestrial reptile overlords because this will be so unfamiliar.  But I have included references to prestige science journals, the source code for my calculations and just a few experiments I’ve done with my own hands.  There never was a scientific principle with so many excellent independent sources that was not embraced.  I’ve sent dozens of notices to hundreds of Facebook friends and hundreds of personal letters to exalted scientists without response.  They just can’t wrap their minds around it. 

Ready?  Adequate fertility for a population requires marrying cousins certainly closer than 10th.  Otherwise the population will die out.  Or briefly: marry in our die out … which happens to be the title of a chapter by the only scientist who took the ball and ran with it.

So the field is wide open.  Make it the “Alex Jones” theory.  Armed with a list of the citations you can challenge any authority; dare them to come out and deny it.  The sooner it is well known, the safer you will be. 

Or play it safe so I won’t worry about you.  Please send me a mailing address.  I’ll send the DVD you can have your staff study and verify the citations.  That much should be safe enough.  Then there will be time to save planet earth if you want to run the risk. 


M. Linton Herbert

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