May 5, 2019
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Alexey Komov
c/0 World Congress of Families XIII
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Dear Alexey Komov,
I recently saw an interview between you and Steve Turley.  I’ve always liked Mr. Turley, but I am a poor judge of people.  Again and again, I have read or watched someone whom I judged to be intelligent, energetic and possessed of a good heart and have laid at his or her feet an issue of enormous importance and received no reply.  When on occasion I have been able to make a face to face presentation, mostly I get indifference with most of the remainder being rage and the rest terror.  That’s understandable.  This is grim stuff.  Nobody among the hundreds of experts I have addressed has produced a rational objection to the facts.
The short version is that fertility increases as kinship between a couple and among their ancestors increases, bar rare cases of intense inbreeding.  When fertility drops below replacement, the population will go extinct after a few generations if the large size has been reached by recruitment and after several generations if the size has been reached by natural increase.  After kinship drops below 9th cousin, absolute infertility supervenes, but as I said it takes generations – and we may be looking at the last generation for several countries.  This has nothing to do with race or ethnicity; once you go out past 9th cousin all people are biologically the same.
I can make the argument that this was realized by Old Testament prophets.  I barely am able to understand this most basic of scientific laws; I make no claim to understand God.  But obviously if a church limits its mating pool to the local congregation, then there is the potential that the community will survive indefinitely.
Russia suffered terribly under Stalin, but among his crimes perhaps the worst was to break up the settled villages and scatter the members. 
I include a DVD (Word, Windows 10, “collection,” the short version, “Hans” a quick and dirty proof from and “Grand summary fertility” formatted to make a lecture) that lays out the proof in a number of independent ways.  Don’t worry if you don’t have a background in biology; I think you’ll follow the logic and recognize the sources as being by and large prestige science journals.  And of course, I am ready 24/7 to clarify any point where you might bog down.
You seem caring, fearless, unrufflable and good humored, but then so did they all, the ones I have sought out only to be ignored.  But you did say you liked ideas, and this one swims the strongest, swiftest and deepest.  Good fishing. 
M. Linton Herbert

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