December 31, 2009

Rowan Williams
Archbishop of Canterbury
Lambeth Palace

Dear Sir:
I have finished reading the book God is Back.  The major point of the book is that separation of church and state is a Good Thing and that religion indeed flourishes under conditions of free enterprise and competition; that is only to be expected since the authors work for the avowedly free market boosting Economist magazine.  And of course being an American Southerner as well as a protestant, their drift is something I feel quite comfortable with.

And yet …

If the church has something that is in the vital interest of the country, that changes things a bit.  Since you serve both God and state, such an interest needs must fall at your feet.

I think we can take as axiomatic that a healthy birth rate is vital to the state as nothing else can be.  And the authors point out that the birth rate of those in regular attendance at their church is higher than that of slackers.  They did not say that religion is the Viagra of the people, but they implied it.

There is more to it than that.  I think we can assume that those for whom religion is important tend to be fond of tradition.  That means they tend not only to stay with their ancestral faith, but return to the same building.  And of course they socialize with others for whom the same is true.  Carry that down a few generations and they are to a greater degree than others marrying cousins.  And that turns out to be the secret of fertility.  It dwarfs all other considerations.  The enclosed DVD shows the scientific evidence complete with references.  It is an easy 10 minutes.  You will learn more about fertility and about history than you can imagine.

I hope you will give it a spin.  It will put you in a position to serve both your country and your church to a degree greater than anyone has done before you.  If you will be kind enough to send me a reaction, I would appreciate it.  If I can be of any further assistance let me know.  I shall be posting this letter on my website  I am also writing Prince Charles.


M. Linton Herbert MD

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