February 7, 2010
Clive Crook:
The Atlantic
The Watergate
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Dear Clive Crook:
There was a warm mention of you in ATLANTIS RISING.  I read it for a couple of reasons.  For one, a fallen civilization are of interest to me, and for another I like to see what else is out there that is not of interest to the mainstream.  Also, I am saddled with a discovery that is about as unexpected as the ideas therein discussed.  Actually it is more unexpected; the iconic flying saucer on the White House lawn is universally understood: this is not.  So I prowl their pages to see how other people handle skepticism. 

The pitch I have is this: world fertility is falling.  If that does not stop, we are not even history.  There will be nobody to read or write history.  What could stop it depends on what is causing it.  Free choice is the mantra, but according to a TV show “Demographic Winter,” only 43% of the decline in fertility can be accounted for by contraception.  That leaves the 57% mystery.

The cause is that fertility depends on having a limited mating pool size.  The proof and references are on the enclosed DVD.  There is more at NoBabies.net which is my website.  As a world we are urbanizing, opening up our tight little villages and taking mates who are quite distant kin.  (Everybody is kin to a degree, of course.)  The penalty for this works out over multiple generations.  It appears that in the developed world we are entering endgame. 

Predictably, the scientific community has been unreceptive, even though my evidence comes from impeccable sources.  On my website I strive to let people know what is already known, to connect the dots and show the implications and to try to get experts I cite to pitch in.  According to the AR article, you have had at least a moment of real doubt about the divine wisdom of the scientific intellectual community.  So maybe you are in the frame of mind to look at this and decide whether you believe it on its own merits.  If I can explain further or if you think either of us can help the other in any way, do let me know.


M. Linton Herbert MD 
NoBabies.net and SilentNursery.com

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