April 13, 2015

Atlantis rising

I cannot claim to follow everything in B. J. Street’s letter, but when he calls for people to look for simultaneous events at antipodes it does bring a couple of things to mind although probably not what he’s looking for:

First, consider a lighting bolt.  It is a big spark and that means to at least a degree there is a flow of current.  Generally this will cross geomagnetic lines of magnetism inducing a force on the arc itself.  I have always taken this to be the cause of thunder.  There is then an electromagnetic pulse that radiates in all directions, at least a part of it reflecting off the ionosphere so that the pulse circles the planet in each direction and then refocuses on the source, where it either encourages or discourages further discharge, at all events inducing a characteristic frequency in the arc that is in harmony with the planet’s ionosphere.  At least so it would seem.  I am far from my zone of comfort here. 

Well if that happens, there is also a refocusing at the antipode.  One might expect to find, if there are electrical storms positioned 180 degrees apart, that lightning at both poles flickers in synchrony.  So far as I know nobody has looked for that. 

Second, the mid Atlantic ridge, a place where we are told tectonic plates are drawing apart, has a long wavy course, sort of like a recurve bow.  At the antipode, there is the Pacific trench system, where we are told there is a subduction zone, one plate sliding under another.  It’s a bit odd, since where India reaches the Himalayas, there is a subduction zone that is an escarpment rather than a trench, but I’m sure that’s all been worked out.  Anyway, the Pacific trench system is shaped like a wavy line, much like the same recurve bow with about the same size and orientation.  Yet there are a number of plate boundaries in between, so it’s hard to see how the pattern could be transmitted.

Just thought somebody might find it interesting.

Linton Herbert

And to readers of nobabies.net.  I’ve been doing a lot of things that are not on topic for the simple reason that they are easier and I’m not at my best.  I’ll let you know when that changes. 

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