April 16, 2017

Atlantis Rising

I suppose if the earth had a rapidly spinning solid iron core with sufficient surface charge it could give us a magnetic field through the old left hand law, but how spin and charge separation could be maintained my magma convection is beyond me.  On the other hand electrical storms somewhere are a constant feature of the atmosphere and of course involve charge separation and move with prevailing winds – prevailing westerlies in temperate zones and trade winds closest to the equator.  Dust storms have lightning so blowing dust can have a charge separation.  Unless nicely balanced, these should result in a field.  We may learn soon.  This year or some year soon the shrinking icecap must recede significantly past the geographic North Pole, and during summer we should get rising polar air with a reversal of the jet stream and prevailing easterlies.  Among other hazards, this might quench at least temporarily our protective magnetic field and expose us to charged particles from space.

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