April 14, 2019


Atlantis Rising

I got off to an uneasy start with “Lost Equator.”  The setting sun glinting off the eyes of Easter Island statues as they face Peru.  I always thought the sun set in the west.  But because of honor among rogue thinkers I went on.  Then I learned that the distance from Easter Island to Peru going east, if you go the same distance west you don’t get back to the island but somewhere else.  Ok, that’s two for the brotherhood, so you can cut me some slack when I mess up here.

The South Pole is more interesting than the North, as the North pole is located in common sea, while the South Pole is on land.  If you go from the South Pole to the intersection of the latitude with the most land and the longitude with the most land – Giza – you go 120 degrees.  This is a nice round number, but could be happenstance.  Now go west 120 degrees and you get to New Orleans, which like Giza is at the mouth of a great river.  Perrin’s line goes through the mouth of the Amazon.  Coincidences pile up.

Draw a great circle through Giza and New Orleans and starting north along the line you go through Athens, Naples (means new town), Stonehenge, Newton (new town) in Ulster, and coming down the other side of the Atlantic you raise Oak Island, Richmond, Charlotte and Poverty Point.  When I showed this to John Michell, he said it would go through the Missouri mounds; it doesn’t, but the first thing built by the Missouri mound people was at Poverty Point.  After NO the line goes through Mexico City and then comes pretty close to a little island in the Pacific.  Going the other direction, the line goes through one of the traditional sites of Mount Sinai, Medina and Mecca.  There are a number of places along the way to call possibly sacred and containing cyclopean stone work.

What it means is beyond me.  Maybe there was an ancient civilization more advanced than our own.  Traces would have been washed away as sea level changed.  Odd bits of artefact would have been scavenged and taken home to where the surf eventually would grind them up.  Goodness knows that 300,000 years is long enough for anything like that.  Dunno if we had outside “help.”  If you go back to the Mayan long counts, you could make a case for a sudden advance of the “treasures of civilization” at roughly those moments. 

There is no need to look for catastrophes.  A random mating population of 1,000 adults will develop infertility and die out generally within 300 years.  The putative gifts from the stars may have been poison pumpkins.  Sure, advanced weaponry helps you kill folks, but do nothing for the terrible psychological effects of having done so.  They, unlike us, may figure nothing is worth going through that.  But contriving mating strategies that result in absolute infertility might not bother them any more than it bothers us.  Here’s a link if you want the proof http://nobabies.net/movie%20scripts.html , and of course I’m available any time.

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