February 7, 2010
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On page 4 of #80 you say people yearn for something like a paradigm-busting discovery.  It is on the enclosed DVD.  It is not a flying saucer or a psychic insight.  It is more.  It is the grounds for a rational mating strategy. 

The number of irrational mating strategies has been legion.  They have brought down civilization after civilization.  You know more than most about how many have fallen.  If there was an Atlantis, it probably took them down as well, although it does not explain submersion. 

People mate to have children, fertile children.  The way to do that is to marry somebody who is kin.  Second cousin is probably too close.  Seventh cousin is probably too distant.  You know it’s true.  Cities do not produce enough children to survive.  They must recruit or die.  Little villages are very fertile, so much so that it is handy to have cities around to absorb the excess population.  You don’t need wars or famines or plagues.  You just need cities to curb the population.  But you need small tight knit mating communities to make babies.  Proof and references are on the disc.  There is more at NoBabies.net, where I try to encourage interest in this phenomenon, to teach and to seek other opinions and feedback.

Given babies, your society will flourish, your technology flourish, your art and spirituality flourish.  Without babies all die. 


M. Linton Herbert MD 

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