January 10, 2010

Austin Ruse
Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute
866 United Nations Plaza, Suite 495
New York, New York 10017
Phone: (212) 754-5948
Fax: (212) 754-9291 
Dear Austin Ruse:

According to God is Back, you are a redoubtable culture warrior and you are concerned about underpopulation.  You may be just the one I am looking for. 

I, too, consider the low birth rate of the developed world to be a problem.  One may wonder how it is going to end, but the outlook at this time is not good.  I think I can help.

As the enclosed DVD will prove, there is more to fertility than simply having healthy and highly motivated couples having sex.  Often it does not work and more often it does not work well.

There is ample scientific proof that fertility is determined by the kinship of the couple.  Matings closer than second cousins potentially have problems.  But then with somewhat less kinship fertility is maximal.  Then it drops rapidly so that out past sixth or seventh cousin it is below replacement.  Then the effect levels off.  The effect accumulates over generations.  This is somewhat oversimplified, but is the basic fact.  Evidence and references are provided on the enclose ten minute DVD. 

When I was a child my mother tried to teach me how to float.  She would have me stretch out in the water on my back, supporting me gently, and then slowly release me, instructing me, “Now just relax and float.”  A muscular little tyke with almost no body fat, I would sink like a rock.  She might have well been trying to teach me to levitate. 

Similarly, although exhortation is good at motivating people, it works better if one is motivating them to do something that is actually possible.  The world needs to know this secret of fertility.  Just trying harder will not work. 

The world does not know this.  The world needs to know this.  If you can provide any help or have any question, please let me know.  There is more information and analysis on NoBabies.net, where I also plan to post this letter along with other correspondence on the matter.


M. Linton Herbert
NoBabies.net SilentNursery.com

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