January 12, 2010

Bill Emmott
PO Box 23
United Kingdom TA22 9WW

Dear Bill Emmott:

I read God is Back with great interest, learning much and much impressed.  Then at the end the authors acknowledged you and thanked you for giving them permission to write the book.  I have only written a few books, but it never occurred to me to ask anybody’s permission.  I wouldn’t even be able to guess whom I could ask without being thought mad(der).  But they are able to get published, and I am not, so clearly they know something I don’t.

It is also clear that they think highly of you.  Indeed who would not; you were chief editor for the impressive Economist publication.  As I think highly of them, I make bold to place a matter before you that needs more brains than I am able to bring to bear. 

As I mentioned in a letter to them (which I shall post on NoBabies.net, as I do such correspondence) the relationship between religion and fertility is more than social.  There is a biological component.  And of course I need not mention what an important issue fertility is. 

As the enclosed DVD will show, fertility is determined by the kinship of the couple.  That is not only their degree of kinship but also that of their parents, and that of parents before them.  The DVD oversimplifies matters, but to oversimplify it further, if you want to be successful at having children, you need to marry a close cousin, although no closer than second cousin. 

I have realized this for several years and have busied myself looking into this and trying to get others to pay attention.  At this point I am tempted to find a crowded theatre and shout “fire” just to make sure I am not really a ghost.  Something this important should have generated an instant avalanche, not only among professionals but in any population. 

Details need to be worked out.  The public needs to know.  We need to start having enough babies again if we are to survive.  Every country in the world is under dire threat except for a few desperately poor ones mostly in Sub-Saharan Africa, and well intentioned missionaries and well intentioned economic benefactors are throwing enormous amounts of energy into making them just like the rest of us.

What to do?  I have been putting what I could on my website.  I have also been asking for help.  Just yesterday I tried putting all the numbers I had together to make a timeline of what will happen to us and when if we continue on our present course.  I shall post that fairly soon.  I’ll not tell you now: Either you are going to help, in which case those numbers may well change, or you are not, in which case you probably don’t need any more nightmares than the world already provides in such abundance.


M. Linton Herbert MD
Nobabies.net  SilentNursery.com

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