February 24, 2019

Sir:John Brandenburg


I saw you on YouTube “Coast to coast AM official” and was quite impressed with your command of the material and of yourself.  It takes a lot to convince me of anything – we’ll get back to that – but I do take an interest in much that I remain skeptical of.  I suppose that’s a side effect of being a medical doctor, but let me not get into that. 
Consider this entirely hypothetical sequence.

  1. People arise by the mainstream accepted processes.
  2. The biggest threat people have is success; we tend to live in random mating social pools so large they die out.
  3. It takes only about 300 years to go from hunter-gatherer to typical classical culture.
  4. It takes only another thousand to go from a classical culture like 1066 to space travel.
  5. People have probably been around 300,000 years.
  6. That’s plenty of time to go from clubbing hedgehogs to traveling to Mars, dying out and having all vestiges of high tech wiped out by the rise and fall of the seas so that the surf line grinds away littoral societies and post-apocalyptic societies collect any other remnants and bring them to the shore to be ground, indeed time to do this many times.
  7. We went to Mars.
  8. We stayed until too feeble to return to earth for long.
  9. We left Mars and settled on the dark side of the moon.
  10. We now can be referred to as them and us.
  11.  They know perfectly well about #2 above.
  12. They have not warned us.
  13. So they are happy to have us die out; they are not our friends.

I would like to send you a DVD with files you can open in Windows Word 10.  “Collection” is probably the clearest explanation; “Horror without evidence” suggests that as we die out we go mad, which I think goes along with your idea that we were nuked out of Mars.  I’ll need a snail mail address if you’d like to see the evidence that has convinced me of #2 above.  Obviously this is critical for understanding any intelligent activity over extended time. 
Thank you for an interesting evening.

Linton Herbert MD  (I’m looking forward to reading Death on Mars.)

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