March 3, 2019

Warren Buffet
3555 Farnam St., Omaha, NE 6813
Here is a tip such as you have never received.  It is simply a matter of well-established science which has never been hooked up together.  I don’t see much good about it, but the world knows that you see opportunity where others see only despair. You can open the DVD in Word with Windows 10 and drag out the files.  It will take a few hours to go over it all, but hey, you’re young; you can afford it. 
Everybody knows that a promise to pay $100 in a year is worth less than is $100 today.  So if Western civilization is going to go extinct (I fear this, but it is not quite clear) then at some time in the future the market value of earth goes to zero, so the current value is zero.  Rumor has it that you say at some time in the future an as-yet unknown catastrophe will descend.  I think you’re right and that this is that catastrophe.  It seems possible that you have sufficient people skills and resources to have a chance of preventing it. 
Usually the people I warn ignore me.  Sometimes they are furious and sometimes utterly panicked – I doubt those are faults of yours.  If you hire a professional scientist to look at this with you, then insist he stay with it long enough to get over his rage and fear; otherwise your money will be wasted.
Linton Herbert MD

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