January 11, 2015

Burt Reynolds
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Dear Mr. Reynolds,

Many years ago I boarded an airplane between New Orleans and Tampa and, as strangers will, unloaded my heart on the hapless man seated next me.  The point of my rambling was that the young woman checking boarding passes looked so much like the young woman who had dumped me recently that I could not actually tell them apart.  My neighbor took the usual prudent approach of not saying much.  But he looked at me with unusual interest, smiled faintly and I swear his eyes twinkled.

Now I am a burnt out old country doctor and I can tell you in all the long decades I have looked at people I have never seen another twinkle.  In fact it’s a physical impossibility, but like the White Queen one learns to accept the impossible.  It was years before I climbed out from under my self pity sufficiently to understand the irony.  I was talking about people resembling others and at the time I was a pretty good double for Robin Williams and my companion was a double for you.  It probably was not you, but my chance acquaintance had to be aware of the resemblance because he had the appropriate mustache.  So either you are a kind and good humored person or you have inspired one, so since you are in the news I thought I’d send belated thanks for your silent kindness and maybe an offer of something that might be fun for somebody with a sense of humor.

The White Queen factor here is that if people don’t marry cousins (say third or fourth out to 7th) in a few generations they will die out.  Everybody knows it; we used all to marry cousins and there were lots of babies while now we don’t and the babies have gone away.  Similarly we know inbreeding is bad so there is a minimum population size for survival; anything you can have too little of you can have too much of, so there is a maximum population size.  One can hardly escape adolescence without knowing this.  Yet when I speak of it, people get so infernally grim.  Why?  Can you tell me one reason for taking life seriously?  But grim is what I get, and that’s on a good day.

Oh yes.  You might want to have the scientific support for this; there’s plenty. 
Check out the web site.

But you don’t want to start a career in the demography of consanguinity, do you?  You want to have fun making movies nobody expects.  I’m sure there is a story in it.  I have a couple of books I’ve written myself.  One describes the adventures of a band of friends looking for the proof of the secret.  Another book takes the approach that in the Garden the Serpent really didn’t care much about obedience or sin; he just wanted to keep Adam and Eve away from the secret of the Tree of Life.  I think you’d make a really good Serpent for the occasion.  Let me know if you’d like to see either book.  If you think you might pursue it without further help from me, do let me know lest I suggest it to somebody else.

Thanks again for your kind manner at a time when I was really down.


M. Linton Herbert MD

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