April 16, 2019 To be posted on Nobabies.net

Camille Paglia
Yale cpaglia@uarts.edu
Dear Professor,
I have been slowly working through your excellent book Sexual Personae and just recently I saw you in an interview where you said, I think I’ve got this right, that considering masculinity to be toxic is a sign throughout history that a civilization is about to collapse.  I infer that you would rather that our society not disintegrate, and I am in enthusiastic support.  Let me offer you some facts (and I’ll include a link to references) that I think you will find most interesting and are most unlikely to get from other sources unless you go looking.
As with other animals, human fertility is determined by kinship.  With the rare exception of intense inbreeding, the closer the kinship of a couple and the more consanguinity among their ancestors, the more babies they will have.  Most surprisingly, nothing else influences the fertility of a couple, barring death by war, famine and serious disease.  Exceptions are statistically invisible. 
If there is random mating among a population of a thousand or two, (exact number is very important but unknown, indeed not investigated) or, to say the same thing, people fail to marry cousins closer than maybe 8th or 9th or maybe tenth.  The population will die out in a few generations.  You want to see a civilization collapse, have their fertility fall to zero and you have it.
Once a population is teetering on the brink, they are a threat to the rest of the species, so there is strong selective pressure to eliminate that population.  Infertility will do it.
And that at last brings us to toxic masculinity.  If the boys fight over the girls, that’s bad enough.  If the boys take no interest in the girls, that ends it. 
So if the civilization is dying, don’t blame the gays.  They never had a choice.  It was the parents and ancestors before who made the catastrophic decision.  Of course “good families,” which are prosperous, socially adroit, independent of spirit and open minded, have a much broader social horizon than the rest of us.  They will reach the brink of doom first, which for us means they will stop having the children who can do the absolute best prosocial work.  Politicians are not the best timber.  Public life goes insane.  Society quakes until the high tech civilization taps out. 
Gays, one would expect, are the best of the best, but they are a sign that we are going to die out. 

If you want to chase down the reference, here are articles: http://nobabies.net/movie%20scripts.html Check out links for Terror 1 through Terror 32.  If you want to see videos, there are on YouTube: http://nobabies.net/YouTube%20links.html Again, go through number 32.  I’d be happy to send you a DVD with files, opens in Word, Windows 10. 
Please get back to me on this.  Obviously it’s very important, and I could use somebody with your caliber of brain to try to figure out where to turn next. 

Linton Herbert MD

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