August 6, 2017

The Office of His Holiness the Dalai Lama
Thekchen Choeling
P.O. McLeod Ganj
Himachal Pradesh (H.P.) 176219

Your Holiness:
If you enjoy working through puzzles, I hope you will take a little more time with this than you could possibly take with each of what I am sure is an avalanche of messages of love and support.  The fact that I promise this is the most important secular issue there is – bar universal compassion, which is cosmic; in happier times I would be overjoyed to share my views on that – would be a hard sell. 

You have pointed out that general compassion dictates refugees and other migrants must return home and make life better there rather than making it worse for Europe, for themselves morally, and for those abandoned behind.  I totally agree, but there is more to it.  Migrants reduce fertility, and if they do with sufficient intensity, one must say they kill babies.  Attend. 

Selection makes an animal move to and dwell in a niche.  A new niche may attract more than one animal, so selection is a race.  If during the race one of the animal populations divides, undergoes speciation, it has the opportunity to keep its legacy niche while possibly seizing the new one.  This is an advantage so speciation is a niche.

If, say, it takes 2,000 generations for speciation to occur – chromosomes separated that long cannot work together – and the population rises to 2,000 then any chromosome has about a 1 in 4,000 chance of joining its nearest mate in any one generation; the population will be expected to die out within 2,000 generations.

So there is strong selective pressure to establish a mechanism that tends to maintain the population at a moderate size.  This has been found to be in effect by a man named Richard Sibly.  The references and an expanded explanation are in a Word file on the accompanying DVD.  You may check almost all the references on 

Included in the files you may find evidence that mice mate for status based on violence while fruit flies and European voles mate for love based on kinship.  Alas, humans have the murine mating strategy.  A population of humans will die out if it grows too big, just like mice. 

Airtight borders will not save us; the thousand generations to speciation is probably not far off.  Populations must subdivide down to a few hundred.  But significant migration is an obvious calamity, just as you say.  Working this out, along with a lot of supporting science has been my life’s work.  I give it to the world as I give it to you to do with it as you will.  Almost nobody else listens.  Maybe you will.  Otherwise it looks like humanity dying out with little or insufficient time to save them. 

Sincerely and with all the compassion my maturity can muster,
M. Linton Herbert

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