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Dear Mr. Akroyd,
For many years I have pursued an issue (of which more soon) that is of the gravest concern and the most immanent peril of anything anyone has ever discovered.  For fifteen years I have reached out to everyone whose work I cite, made presentations at scientific meetings and even nurtured a web log, all without getting a single written reaction.  (Yeah, in person and off the record a few have screamed at me.)  The eminent Robin Fox of anthropology fame put his glorious reputation on the line and addressed the issue in a textbook without telling me how he feels about it.  Then recently another member of the Triple Nine Society (a high IQ club requiring only adulthood and evidence for being in the top 99.9th percentile; ah would I be a hero if I could get you to join – we both know you’d have no trouble clearing the bar) told me he did not believe me because the idea was “weird.”

I’ll take any help on offer.  So along with scientists I decided to address someone who is undaunted by the weird.  Let me say that I am a non-believer in star aliens, visitors from off earth, but I have no doubt that there are unexplained lights in the sky.  One night as a young child while falling asleep on a couch with a view of the night sky a white light winked into view.  It was about half as wide as my little fingernail at arms length, dead white, perfectly round with sharp edges and it moved in a wiggly pattern that never strayed beyond an area the size of my palm before blinking away.  My reaction was that I had read about UFO’s in the Reader’s Digest the day before, and that had stimulated my imagination.  But decades later a friend, whose word I do not doubt, describe seeing an identical light.

At the time of my own observation, most lights were either blue fluorescent or yellowish incandescent, so whatever I was looking at I have no explanation for.  But the notion that it was some manifestation of star aliens seems now as then to be a stretch.  No matter, there are believers, and if they are prepared to entertain thoughts of the weird I can but oblige. 

I dug around in the UFO presentations on YouTube and found  You certainly present yourself well … duh, you’re a world class actor; of course you present yourself well … and it seems to me that your charm and intelligence are about the best I’ll find among UFO inquirers or anywhere else, for that matter. 

So let’s look at what evidence I have at hand.  The Mayan calendar has a “long count” of cycles lasting 5, 125 or 6 years and ending in 2012.  So the punctuations should be at 3114 BC, 8240 BC and 13,366 BC.  I understand that the first Egyptian Pharaoh ruled from 3100 to 3050 BC.  That’s close enough for government work to the penultimate cycle’ end.  The amazing ruins at Gobekli Tepe were first constructed between 9130 and 8800 BC.  I am forced to admit that this is pretty darn close to the antepenultimate occasion.  And then the Yonaguni monuments off Japan are now under water, but would have to have been built when the sea level was sufficiently low, which means some time before, and probably well before, 10,000 BC.  So there you have four widely separated, both temporally and geographically, societies that seem to fall into a single pattern.  Bully for you.

And if I suspend my disbelief, it seems to me that such regularly spaced events suggest an intermittent presence of outsiders; like old Methodist circuit riders they have a number of points of call and drop by periodically to check things over and give instruction.  And the instruction seems to be, “You must get together in enormous groups: organize, urbanize, globalize.”  If you do, all will be peachy. 

However, here is a link to a lecture of mine to the Triple Nine Society.
Look it over.  Take a couple of hours.  This is totally new, rather demanding on cognitive ability and flies squarely in the face of what we have been taught for a long time.  After you have complete command of the argument and have checked out a couple of references if you have any shred of doubt, reflect.  The star aliens – if they exist – have to know this.  If we follow their advice we shall go extinct, and that right soon.  Survival would require us to live in tight little social groups of maybe a hundred nuclear families.  Either the star aliens are unable to warn us or they are not interested in warning us.

Do not expect benevolent star aliens.  Perhaps there is some rule they must follow that does not permit them simply to shoot us.  Or maybe, despite their technological advantage, they fear us as fighters.  They certainly do not love us as artists. 

Me, I think they aren’t there at all.  We have dug this hole all by ourselves.  But if you think otherwise I shall not think the less of you.

So let me know what you think and whether you have any suggestions.  We are within a very few years of having to say the final baby is already on its way.


M. Linton Herbert MD

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