February 22, 2018


Darrell  Bricker
John Ibbitson
360 Park Avenue South
17th Floor
New York, NY 10010

Dear Sirs:
Thank you for writing Empty Planet, Darrell Bricker and John Ibbitson, Crown division of Penguin, New York 2019.  It addresses my darkest dread and is chock full of facts.  It makes me feel as if you did all that work just for me.

I do notice that the blurbs on your dust jacket seem to raise the same issue as your title, while your book burbles that depopulation is easily fixed with massive immigration.  This time I admit I tend to go along with the hype-masters.  I’m a medical doctor and my first instinct is always to consider the science before I start making moral judgements.  A snide and knowledgeable observer might say that we are not in agreement with that approach, but that would be unfair.  There is no way you can have heard the relevant biological facts, which is why they are mostly on the enclosed DVD (you’ll need to unload the file in Windows 10, I suspect). 

If you do not accept science, stop right now because nothing I am about to say will make you happy or accomplish anything; if you are willing to acknowledge science, persevere. 

The fact is that for humans as well as for other animals a population that grows too large and/or diverse will die out for that reason alone.  Let’s say a man walks from Honduras to a sanctuary city in the US.  The most important hour is not the one when he enters the US nor when he enters his sanctuary.  It is the first hour’s walk from home.  During that time, he separates himself from the only population within which he can have long term fertility of his offspring.  

Suppose someone concocted the odious notion, “Sure you move in, but you and all your children and their children will have to be castrated.”  I’m sure neither of us would like that, and indeed would expect there to be few takers.  Yet, alas, that is actually what is on offer.  In other words, until the science gets properly spread around, we are making the same offer but keeping the castration bit a secret.  Wouldn’t that make it worse?

Oh, yes, it’s actually a lot worse.  The whole human race faces extinction, but I think we could start with just being honest with how we are victimizing our immigrants.


M. Linton Herbert MD

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