April 17, 2019
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David Icke


Dear David Icke,
I have watched you on YouTube with great interest for years, your commendable good heart and mind and your enviable energy and charm.  Of course, we do not agree on everything; just about nobody agrees with me on what I consider most important.  I see you under implicit attack from three directions.  1) Some are happy to believe that there are no visitors from beyond the solar system.  2) Some think you are dangerous.  3) Some believe that they exist but mean us well.  I think I can prove that wrong, and if I can win you you may be able to save the planet.

As with other animals, human fertility is determined by kinship of a couple and kinship and at least in humans, nothing else.  That is a crucial point.  Of course, birth rate rises with public support of child care and falls with education, women’s rights, health, peace and a decent income.  These are all splendid things.  But the weight of the evidence is that either these factors simply move childbirth to a different time and/or change the kinship pattern. 

Except for the extremely rare case of intense inbreeding, the more kinship between partners and among their ancestors the more babies.  If “unrelated” (and I mean less related than about 9th cousins) marry generation after generation, in a few generations they will have absolute and irreversible infertility and simply die out. 

The proof comes from putting together studies published in prestige scientific journals, and there are refinements that I have demonstrated with simple experiments of my own with fruit flies.  If you would send me a regular mailing address, I would be most happy to send you a DVD with the line of logic and the references.  (Or you can check out http://nobabies.net/movie%20scripts.html sections 1-32 or for videos look at http://nobabies.net/YouTube%20links.html again 1-32) Together they constitute more evidence than has ever been amassed for a scientific insight that was not commonly understood and accepted.  Of course, I am available any time night or day (with a day’s warning) to repeat, explain and answer. 

So let’s look at the ET’s.  (I’m not one myself.  The vertical pupils in the picture of my eyes mean nothing.)  You can make an argument that the Mayan long count marks off approximately times when there were major advances in civilization; superficially this supports your good-ET opponents.  But if I am smart enough to see what I wish to prove to you, surely the ET’s know it full well.  Those advances in civilization set us up to die out.  The ET’s didn’t show up the last time, possibly because they judged their work to be done; it’s too late to turn it around. 

Of course, they could easily just wipe us out, certainly they could protect their investment by taking me out, but it turns out that killing a person entails terrible psychological damage.  They ought to know that, too.

So look at the evidence or let me send that DVD.  Either way you might be in a position to save the world.


Linton Herbert MD

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