November 10, 2016


David Icke

Dear David Icke:
Not being a jointer, I never subscribe so I consider it rather a privilege to find I am among the first few hundred to reach one of your postings.  We are at antipodes philosophically it seems to me, you being highly spiritual and I coldly scientific, but I think your intentions are good, and that’s all that matters.  Some day it would be fun to talk about the cosmos, but there is a more urgent matter.

You have called for people to defy laws that are unjust and to ignore the urgings of their overlords; I understand that you are lukewarm at best about the recent US election.  You explain well, so I understand.

The urgent matter, ignored by almost all the major outlets, is that if people fail to marry cousins, we shall die out.  And it’s closer than you think.  I thought that Trump would lose this time around, but that in a few more years the overlord globablists would not be able to find a viable candidate; they probably embarked on the suicidal course of outbreeding a generation before the rest of us.  In the event even I was surprised.  Things have moved faster than I would have guessed.

Here is a link:
Look it over.  Let me know how you feel about it, whether you understand and whether we have anything to offer each other on this matter.  If you would simply join the society – all it takes is having IQ in the top 99.9 percentile, and we both know you could clear that bar with ease – and announce it, we would, as we do not now, have all the glamour that would entail; we might get heard. 

I am at your disposal day and night if you would be so good as to give me a call or a message.


M. Linton Herbert

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