October 22, 2018


Denis Mukwege
Panzi Hospital
Bukavu province, DRC, Congo - Kinshasa

Dear Dr. Mukwege,
Please accept my congratulations to you and to Nadia Murad on your well-deserved prize, and on a more personal level, thank you for your noble career.  You live the life I wanted to live from childhood, but it never worked out, even though I graduated from Harvard Medical School, and I have gone a different direction, winding up pursuing fundamental principles of biology.  But our careers do cross at one point.  I learned about your work and compassion from an article (Economist vol. 429 no. 9113 October 13, 2018 page 59, Rape During Conflict, The Nobel peace prize honors two campaigners against rape in war – an evil that is more lamented than understood.) the subtitle of which points out that there is a mystery as to why your grueling efforts are even needed.  It would seem reasonable to expect that in combat a man would have no thought beyond survival and victory.  I touch on the point most briefly in “Horror without Evidence,” first full paragraph of page 7 on the enclosed DVD. 

I hasten to say I do not intend for this to be in any way an implied burden, but if you like to read here is something you will not find elsewhere, and at least you can relax with “Grand Summary Fertility” as it is well documented mainstream science with basically cutting and pasting.  If it helps in understanding rape in combat, splendid.  If there is any difficulty playing the DVD let me know and I would be honored to send you a printout. 

The first chapter in Grand Summary is straight Mendel, so you might feel like skipping it.  (Most I speak with are scared away, but blessedly you are a doctor, too.) 

Thanks again.
All the best,
Linton Herbert MD

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