Dear Donald Trump:
Your audacity impresses us.  When you said you’d think about marrying your daughter were she not your daughter some of us thought you were already married.  I’m sure a lot out there took it as the intended joke, but I find it merely a little overdoing what is a good thing: marrying kin. 

Since AOL won’t send pictures, here’s a link:
Look at the first graph: As far as they carry it, to “second cousin or closer i.e. first cousin once removed, the closer kin you marry, the more children you have.  Take a look at the error bars; they are 2 standard deviations.  There is no room for anything else to be important.  That is a shocker worthy of you.  What happened to choice, to necessity?  They are illusory.  Now look at the second graph.  That first cousin once removed does not give you as many grandchildren as third cousin.  It is still much better than marrying a stranger out past ninth cousin. 

Well there is obviously a difference between first cousin once removed and daughter.  We used to call second cousin once removed “kissing cousin,” your best choice.  Now you know why. 

You can finish reading the poster on the link, and there is more at

I assure you that no scientist has ever challenged me seriously on this point (although a few passers-by at conferences I have bushwhacked have lost their tempers) although I have presented a number of posters and, as you can tell by glancing down the home page of, written to any number of experts.  Chapter 19, “Marry in of Die Out” by Professor Robin Fox of Rutgers in the textbook Handbook on Evolution and Society, comes down solidly in support.  So the vote of science is: one for, zero against, hundreds running away squealing and wetting themselves.  I can’t see you doing that, but it is probably not the time for you to make a public statement on this.  Wait until you are president.  Then blow them away.

Oh, yes.  Here’s how to eliminate world poverty.
The market is excellent at generating wealth.  But at the logical extreme all the money winds up in one pocket.  And until now, getting money distributed would have cost as much as the market made.  That is no longer true.  The idea is shocking: spread the money out and make more as it flows back.  That one might not need to wait.

Best luck,

M. Linton Herbert MD

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