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You mention (October 1, 2016 page 16) a number of grisly threats to humans, dismissing them all as not being threats of extinction.  So far as I know, Dr. Hawking is the only mainstream scientist worried about the threats you catalogue.  But there is a threat you neglect, and this has been pointed out by the renowned Dr. Robin Fox, who some fifty years ago wrote Kinship and Marriage, still a textbook in anthropology, and now has written about kinship and fertility in his chapter, “Marry in or Die Out” in Handbook on Evolution and Society page 350, making him the only mainstream scientist warning of extinction while confining himself to his field of expertise.  It would seem prudent for you to give equal time to the main stream.  You might be interested in my efforts to pull together the work of other mainstream researchers so I provide a link.

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M. Linton Herbert MD


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