July 28, 2014

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Concerning October 25, 2014

Tribal custom dictates that an encounter begin with a hail and a hale; a word without content is followed by an inquiry about health as in the classical Vermont, “‘Fred.’  ‘Bill.’  ‘You?’  ‘Good.  You?’ ‘Good.  Mary?’  ‘Good ….’” and so forth through two extended families or the more common, “Hi, how are you?” or the more formal “Hello.  How do you do?”  You point out the irreplaceable treasure of a homogeneous society in Japan on page 15 and Tunisia on page 17 and its tragic absence in Nigeria on page 49 and on page 18 make immigration out to be a good thing for Britain.  So understand that it is in the sweetest and friendliest tone that I greet you: Egads, are you stark raving mad?

Linton Herbert

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