July 30, 2019

 The Economist 
25 St. James Street 
London SW1A 1HG UK
A single glance July 27th – August 2nd 2019 cover persuades me that you no longer hold the British people and democracy in contempt but have gone to the next level – unbridled hate.  It seems to me you are not alone with the bulk of politicians and the judiciary with you, but I favor the opinion that you are simply slaves to your financial overlords.
Since you hate what I love I am sore tempted to ditch my decades long subscription, but sometimes you let slip a valuable fact; only your selection and interpretations I shall henceforth reject.  You have forced me into backlash mode. 
You hate Trump?  Then I must support him.  You ignore crimes by Israel and Saudi?  I must move them to higher priority.  You have wet dreams about globalism?  I shall fight with my last breath.
You think you are safe saying CO2   causes global warming?  I say the bulk of Earth’s surface cooling is by convection, which is more effective with high CO2 since each molecule carries more heat at any one temperature than does N2 or O2. 
I was happier when I respected you even when we disagreed. 

Linton Herbert

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