December 17, 2018


The Economist
25 St. James Street 
London SW1A 1HG UK
I read with interest and satisfaction your article (“Staying Alive,” Economist, vol. 429 no. 9119 November 24, 2018 page 13) about suicide rates falling in so many parts of the world.  Pity about Americans but we’ve known all along that working Americans have had our welfare sacrificed for others for many many years. 
I am sure you are aware that there are a lot of those out there of simian brow who glibly assert the Economist is the house organ for the Rothschilds and other miscellaneous international banksters.  We-all know this is not the case, but now you have laid out the proof.  Of course as any enthusiastic lickspittle toady would be expects to, you would be expected to look for occasions where you could do as you were told or as you thought you might be told; and there is indeed I suppose something to be said along those lines such as an inclination toward globalism and Euronarcissism.  But at the end of the day, your implicit marching orders mandating open borders and free movement of people will result in our extermination.  You simply must marry kin or die out in a few generations as explained on the enclosed DVD.  When the human race dies out, our putative overlords will die as well.  So your service is actually to assist them in suicide.  Yet your data from the Golden Gate Bridge show that the proper way to serve a suicide candidate is to frustrate him.

Thus in aiding this global project you are not serving your “overlords.”  Your purpose should be to protect them in this their moment of madness.


Linton Herbert MD

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