“The long, hard job of winning the argument for liberal internationalism begins anew,” is sheer poetry worthy of any other great tragedy.  You don’t have a prayer any more than Oedipus.  Clinton was defeated by Trump supported by nigh fanatical young populists; she was challenged in the nomination by Sanders supported by nigh fanatical young populists.  Do you see a pattern?

It had to happen.  Globalists seem to believe their own rhetoric as, alas, seems Kim Jong-un.  Consequently they tend to marry, not in their own tight circle of kin (maybe a hundred families), but far afield.  The result is infertility accumulating over generations.  It will eventually get us all, but globalists will go over the edge first.  They are ancients like Soros and Hillary; it’s not that they don’t have depth in their young followers; they have no young followers. 

Your charter, alas, requires you to pursue internationalism.  This is called the “dead hand.”  Talk to your lawyers and see if you can change your mission to truth and even handed interpretation.  I’ll miss you if you insist on pandering only to a dying breed. 

People are good; I hold that to be axiomatic.  Their humanity is in their choices.  Giving people power is good.  That’s why democracy is good, not because it is lucrative but because it empowers people.  Globalism removes options from people.  I think that means it’s evil. 


M. Linton Herbert MD
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