September 15, 2015

On refugees and compassion, sure I have compassion on those unhappy folk.  And maybe I’m alone in having compassion on the little girls they will groom and the little girls coming in to be groomed by our fat white men.  And maybe I’m alone in not worrying much about terrorists coming along even though the whole crisis may have been orchestrated by terrorists to have the West fighting among ourselves, to slip in agents (Syria was part of the “axis of evil” even when Assad had the terrorist groups under some semblance of suppression.) and to have the West look bad every time a stooge died. 

What scares me is that when you say, “… most people prefer a decent life at home,” you are absolutely right.  I trust the steady demographic decline – as thinking people fail to marry cousins and therefore have few babies – has not yet reached the point that you cannot follow the logic that, in our synthetic world, the difference between me moving to England and an Englishman moving here is purely one of degree. 

Everybody remembers the nasty things in Germany in the 20th century, but nobody remembers the nice things in the 19th.  It is well to assure freedom, but when people in their ignorance of the biology express that freedom by marrying strangers they pay a significant (and from the evidence available, eventually total) price.  Nice folks have few or no babies.  Now call up those residual abstract skills.  The next generation or the next century is nasty.  Nationalism will skyrocket, whether it turns out to be Christian, atheist or Muslim, and this time there may be no Churchill, no America teaming with sniper grade marksmen.  The ilk of Trump may amuse, alarm or confuse you, but he has tapped a vein of social energy that might be exploited by somebody far less benign.


M. Linton Herbert  

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