August 16, 2017


re: September 15th, 2018 page 13 “And we urge the West to shore up the liberal world order through enhanced military power and reinvigorated alliances.”
Yes, I’m sure you’d like to go back to our-breast-your-shield-in-wintery-weather, but what have you done in the 70 years hitherto?  You have outlived the troubles in Ulster and given Scotland a bit more freedom while we have treated schools and transport more like the common carriers they are – equal treatment for all.  But the London I remember as the safest, friendliest, most interesting city on earth has become an obscene nightmare; Cambridge is tarred with the same stick as Rotherham.  Your noble newshounds aver (page 86) that stability is good for living things, but your venal overlords call for Another-Liberal-Revolution.  Gag me with a spoon.  There is nothing left of you worth fighting for.  Our own society has degenerated about as fast with unspeakable inequalities in net worth, but simple fairness dictates we start here.  Maybe someday we’ll be back.  Meanwhile, don’t start any wars. 

Linton Herbert

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