October 13, 2018


Elon Musk
Corporate Secretary
Tesla, Inc.
3500 Deer Creek Road
Palo Alto, CA 94304

Dear Elon Musk,
I am delighted to learn (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dswbe1S6LuA ) that you recognize the importance of demography.  I have good evidence to support the case that who has babies and how many is the single important driving force in history.  You reasonably suggest that laws and social pressure have an effect.  But biology is not reasonable; biology is driven by natural selection.  Although we might have a pleasant chat about how the free speech movement of the 60’s became restrictive political correctness and how the non-violent protests of the earlier era became the violence of Antifa, that conversation would go nowhere without considering the underlying biology.  

I make bold to include a DVD that lays out the biology.  The principle essay, Grand summary fertility, has 32 chapters, and given current styles of authorship, each might be a 200-page book.  Call it 6,000 pages (I seldom repeat) to be combed – laborious – and remembered – difficult.  So we are up against your bandpass problem.  Of course you are welcome to proceed as you please, but I might suggest you approach it as an educated man would have a century ago: print it out, and as you read to put in the margin a check for a point taken, an x for a point opposed, a question mark for anything unclear and a strike through irrelevant text.  Start on section two.  Work through to the end.  Start again on section one and go through it all again.  Look at Hans Movie, which shows the evolution of fertility and age at marriage for years until 2005, watching age approach menopause, and then Horror without Evidence, which only deserves single read-through and will probably draw a rash of x’s.  

If you do all that, you will find it was well worth the effort and you will know, I feel sure, what urgent steps you need to take.  If not, then feel free to put out a hit man on me for having wasted your time. 


Linton Herbert 

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