June 23, 2014

Governor Bobby Jindal
PO Box 94004
Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9004
Phone 225 342 7015 or 866 366 1121
Fax 225 342 7099

Dear Governor Jindal:
They say you are tired of the left.  If that is true, I can tell you how to crush them.  It’s a conflict I trace back for thousands of years and has always resulted in liberal victory followed by the collapse of the society in flames.  Nobody has stopped them, but this time I offer you a new tool.

For orientation, the issue is the killing of babies.  I don’t mean birth control or the termination of pregnancies.  First let me define a baby: when a healthy young couple want a baby and are able and eager to give it a good start in life and they manage to get a healthy sperm to meet a healthy egg, I call that a baby.  Obviously I am leaving many babies out; that is just for clarity.  If somebody has taken action that keeps that baby from growing up, that person has killed the baby.  Are we together so far?

So defined, most babies die before conception.  That is sad but I know of nothing to do about it.  Pardon me screaming but MOST OF THE REST OF BABIES ARE KILLED BY LIBERAL POLICY.  This is so intense that there is not a liberal society on earth that has enough live births to replace the parents.  Even Darwin could tell you where that goes.

The mechanism is subtle, but I have enough evidence to show what is going on.  This doesn’t come with gory pictures.  It is very abstract.  What I need is an hour in which to go over the evidence.  I know you are too busy, but if you can find someone you have confidence in with a scientific background – a chemistry degree would be fine – and a heart, who can look at evidence and reach an independent conclusion – as you yourself clearly can – with whom I might spend an hour, the world will have reason to honor you forever … if we live, which may depend on whether the conversation ever happens.   

Prior to speaking, it would be most helpful if I could email a couple documents so we can both look at the same graphs.

I hope to hear from you.


M. Linton Herbert MD

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