August 27, 2017

Hagai Levine
Hebrew University-Hadassah Braun School of Public Health and Community Medicine in Jerusalem.  
Hello Hagai Levine,
A friend directed me to a CNN article,

Sperm count falling sharply in developed world, researchers say

Published 3:36 AM ET Wed, 26 July 2017  | Updated 3:59 AM ET Wed, 26 July 2017

This relates to a subject I have pursued many years, that of falling fertility the world over.  Obviously choice plays no part in sperm count.  In fact, I have read that there are other problems with male development.  (Maybe you have reference; I don’t so for me it’s only hearsay.)  Penises have gone from six to five inches.  There is an increase in hypospadias (which is common enough and generally entails no other problem).  My own male development was earlier and more dramatic than that of my classmates.  It was embarrassing; other boys would comment on it in the shower.  I only met one guy more developed than I.  I’ve not heard from him in 50 years now.  Incidentally his name (I think I may say) was Rothschild. 

I got onto this when I realized that Mesopotamian civilizations fell with a probability that increased with their age, hitting the brick wall at 300 years.  (The Ottomans require some special pleading here.)  The only report we have from the eve of collapse of any of them is the book of Daniel.   It was obvious from the get-go that a single mechanism must be causing all the collapses, they were so predictable.  The only possibility seemed to be that the big urban social pool resulted eventually in total infertility.  As the illustrious Robin Fox entitled a recent textbook chapter, marry in or die out.  If you don’t marry cousins (say third to eighth or so) you will go extinct. 

For years I went after the process, with more success than I had any right to hope for.  I have chased the mechanism down to the very chemical change that accumulates.  Check out and click on June 5, 2017. 

But my laboratory success has been overshadowed by utter indifference I have met with.  If you want everybody to hate you, try talking about it. 

I suspect there is more to it.  Going on hearsay again, there is a mental thing.  People who can’t have children by this mechanism don’t want them, it seems to me.  And it has been shown that the incidence of schizophrenia in cities is greater than in the country, and when people are born in the country and move to a city, their rural background protects them from that increase.  In other words, rural consanguinity permits fertility and permits sanity compared with urban outbreeding. 

A couple of days ago I was getting my teeth cleaned.  (The grinders are few but have not yet ceased.)  She mentioned that in Chicago she saw autistic people all the time, but had only seen a couple of them in the year since she had moved to Florida.  I’m a practicing physician but I had to consult Google; yes, sometimes you can kind of tell. 

So there’s your future, assuming the worst of everything.  No babies, countries dying out with the most advanced ones (the ones you studied) going out first, terrible famine as high tech agriculture can’t be sustained, terrible wars over the last few mouthfuls, plague following the famine and war and everybody deformed and crazy.  And nobody cares.  In fact they shun you if you do care.

But now there you are.  Perhaps you care.  Perhaps you have the social grace to introduce the subject in a positive way.  Please let me know what you think, and how you or I or others might approach this supremely important issue.

M. Linton Herbert MD

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