April 22, 2019
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This was held up in the mail.  She hasn’t got it yet.


Carol Orth, MA, R-DMT, LCPC  Clinical Supervisor:
Adult Autism and Developmental Disorders Center
Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center
5500 E. Lombard Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21224

Dear Carol Orth,
As a “ Creative problem solver; Out of the box thinker” please forgive a one think pony.  When I’m feeling liberal, every problem is racism, and when I’m paranoid every problem is a plot by our overlords.  Otherwise everything is infertility, and in that I include autism.  The enclosed DVD (Word, Windows 10) contains files “collection,” which is the short version, “Grand summary fertility,” which is long and “Hans” which is a bit lifted from gapminder.com.  It’s all about infertility which threatens us with extinction, and I hope you can take an interest even though – as you have no room for more patients – you are obviously terminally busy. 

So in the innocence of supreme ignorance, I looked up some numbers.  I only found statewide incidences of “autism” for 11 states, viz: State                                             population             urban population         ratio     autism incidence

So I engaged in unwholesome recreation with the numbers and beat this graph out of Excel:

In this chart the left hand column indicates incidence of autism for select states and pulled from the internet.  This is a reciprocal function in that higher numbers mean lower incidence.  The row indicates proportion of the population living in cities in these same states, ranging from 0 for none to 1 for everybody.  It looks like the trend line will cross “1” where everybody is urban at about 30 or roughly 3% of the population having autism spectrum disorder.  Whether that number will change over time is not evident from the data I have. 

On the face of it, a reasonable and prudent person would think that the cause of urban autism is the same as the cause of urban infertility, which I think the evidence on that DVD established beyond all doubt that this is due to failure to marry cousins closer than about 7th.  So there you have the cause of autism spectrum disorder in hand.  Please be so kind as to write up a paper or at least get back to me and help me figure out what to do next.


M. Linton Herbert MD formerly radiologist at Baltimore City Hospital 

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