June 26, 2019

Houndog Steve
Box 218
Bobcaygeon, Ont. Canada. K0M 1A0

Dear Houndog, sir,
I enjoy your timely and thoughtful YouTube presentations.  What I have to offer is important beyond estimation.  What you choose to do with it is of course entirely up to you.
The fact is that if a population gets too large, probably more than a few hundred with random mating, that population will go extinct; this is true for humans.  It is the same with other animals although I imagine other animals have different maximum population sizes.  Put another way, we must return to marrying cousins or we are doomed. 
I am not boasting to have made this most important discovery.  I have had the proof for some 30 years, but to my shame I have been unable to get people whom I warn to acknowledge. 
Perhaps something is going on like what they say about penguins, which will stand on the edge of an ice shelf eager to dive in and fish but hesitant because there might be killer whales.  So they try to push each other in.  I’m skeptical, since killer whales have to breathe, which should not be difficult to notice.  Anyway, I suspect those I warn don’t want to be the first in for fear of ridicule, even though the proof is beyond question.
Let me emphasize that this has nothing to do with race; it is how many generations outbreeding lasts.  The numbers I have suggest that there is no difference between a tenth cousin and those separated by thousands of generations.  It’s like leaving a building.  Walk out of the first floor, and you’ll probably be all right.  Ditto if you run out.  Ditto second floor.  Going out of the tenth floor will probably kill you whether you walk or run.  It’s not the distance out, it’s the time falling.
I enclose a DVD with the proof.  The file “collection” has all you need.  The file “Grand Summary gives it in a somewhat different format.  The video is taken from Hans Robling and puts it all together with totally different evidence.  The other two are Word Files in Windows 10. 
Yes, it will take you an afternoon to wade through it, but our survival as a species probably depends on getting the word out.  If you’d like to see world peace, you ought to be able to see how this would make that possible; if not, give me a jingle and I’ll explain further.
Keep up your good work.
Linton Herbert

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