January 23, 2018


James Watson
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
P.O. Box 100
Cold Springs Harbor, NY 1724-0180
Dear Dr. Watson,
I see they continue to revile you and persecute you and say all manner of evil against you falsely, and I trust you can take comfort in the fact that somebody back when said this did not mean you were wrong.  I refer to Economist vol. 430 no. 9126 January 19, 2019 page 77.  Let me take a second to say that I am an old-fashioned Southern boy, who likes women, guns, dogs and black men.  They don’t come much more conservative then me.  You said you were looking for knowledge that would basically say blacks are inherently as bright as us whites.  My own decades of observation say they are, and I would certainly enjoy spinning the yarns upon which I base my opinion more than I shall enjoy outlining the crucial knowledge.   
Think: natural selection happens – that was said by Aristotle.
When multiple animals compete for a new niche, selection is a race – that’s obvious.
Thus speciation is a race – that’s Alfred Russel Wallace.
Speciation depends on chromosomes – that’s Mendel.
If a population takes 2,000 generations of isolation to reach speciation, then if there are 1,000 members, it will take about 2,000 generations for any one chromosome or critical part to return to its closest relative; the population is doomed.
There is selective pressure to develop a mechanism that tends to hold a population at some moderate size – this has been demonstrated by Richard Sibly.
Iceland – Helgason – and Denmark – Labouriau – and this latter work showed that once kinship issues are settled there is no effect of education nor income on family size: choice, after mate selection, is delusion.

There is the knowledge; the references are on the enclosed DVD.  When you have verified the citations, you will know.  The disc may want Windows 10, so here is a link:

We disagree on African smarts.  That’s ok. You didn’t have the knowledge; at least you have been honest.  Your furies don’t have the knowledge; they apparently are motivated by something other than honesty.  I’ve tried to send you the knowledge, but there is a barrier between important people like you and riffraff like me.  I used to know the younger Mike Crick back at Harvard Med, but we drifted apart. 

Black brains translate poorly into academic appointments, suburban homes, second cars and a white woman.  That is no reflection on those men.  They are simply more motivated toward extended family, which you must realize is the way to avoid extinction.  My impression is that Africans will go extinct just like the rest of us, but at least they have more time to work it out. 

Have a gander at the citations and if you can find it in your heart, please save the world.  I’ve tried but with little satisfaction.


Linton Herbert

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