April 24, 2019
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President Carter,
The Carter Center
453 Freedom Parkway
Atlanta GA 30307
404 420 5100 info@cartercenter.org
Dear Mr. President,
For years I have been telling anybody who would listen that you were the only president I could think of who did not fight a war, and I think by now we are sick and tired of the US getting into wars, just about everybody except perhaps people getting rich off them.  Please accept my unqualified thanks. 
On the other hand, and I mean this with no rancor, there was the Mariel boatlift, which to my thinking seems to have initiated mass unscreened immigration not necessarily of the best prospective citizens.  (Yes, I know, the criminals among them were few and were returned.)  Numbers overall were modest compared with more recent events. 
The problem is, hold your hat, immigration is just about the equivalent of warfare.  This is directly opposed to the best scientific and popular belief, but I thought that being, as I know you are, the smartest president in my lifetime, the most honest and most moral, you might like to know.
I recently ran across the term “mosaic effect,” which I take to mean that a large collection of individually mostly informative material can be assembled into a coherent picture.  I would rather say the “jigsaw effect”; you can make a mosaic of any picture you like, but a jigsaw puzzle only goes one way.  So while it is undeniable that modern science takes for granted that the bigger and more diverse a population, the more raw material evolution has to work on.  (Can’t they just stop trying to breed the super race?  It generally does not work out well.)  The principle is called the “modern synthesis and is about 100 years old.  But in spite of the rather nebulous modern synthesis, if you look at relevant scientific publications, the jigsaw effect provides the opposite case. 
So here is the truth: a big random mating population – about a thousand in humans – will go extinct within about five to ten generations depending on how it was initially put together. 
Now you see why I do not criticize you for work on the Mariel crisis.  You had no idea that immigration was the equivalent of war.  Neither did I at the time.  Nor, alas, does just about anybody nowadays.  A person in a little traditional village is more likely to have children than is the average American; bring that person here and within a very few generations the fertility of his or her descendants will collapse.  Congratulations, (pardon the sarcasm) you’ve just killed all the babies.  You’ve also killed the babies of a like number of locals among whom the immigrant will likely find a mate. 
Sure, I’d rather have my parents be retroactively infertile than to die from a flame thrower.  And my barren parents would suffer, but not so much as the person who sprayed me.  (Yeh, killing folks is bad for your soul.) 
The big shots who seek to keep the population from declining by admitting migrants are actually having the opposite effect.  And I am finding it almost impossible to spread the word.  The facts are on the enclosed DVD (Word, Windows 10), the shorter version named “collection,” the larger “Grand summary fertility and a video drawn from gapminder.com named Hans, showing every country with a falling birth rate, which never stops falling until it is below replacement and then age at first marriage for women rising inexorably toward menopause.
That’s only one of a number of lines of evidence, all showing the same thing.  They say that the discoveries of quantum mechanics were made disproportionately by Hungarians when Hungary was the poorest country in Europe, and the enunciation of enlightenment principles occurred in Scotland when Scotland was the poorest country in Europe.  If I might speculate: poor means narrow social horizon, means being on the cusp of inbreeding, which is where fertility is highest.  If a population has outbred so intensely that it is a threat to the whole species, there is strong elective pressure that the population be exterminated.  The epigenetic mechanism is pretty clear, as you will see on the DVD.  Maybe stupidity is just another mechanism for infertility.  Does the world seem to be going mad?  That would make sense.  Did the gay people of Sodom torch their own city?  Makes just as good sense to me.  But I digress.  The DVD will give you the puzzle pieces, mostly drawn from prestige science journals.

All the best, and thanks again,

M. Linton Herbert MD

I sent this before his recent fall.  I am sure we are all hoping for the best for him.

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