May 11, 2014

Jon Stewart

Dear Mr. Stewart:
I’m sure others have pointed out that you are a comedic genius.  I must also commend you on having assembled a brilliant team of mail sifters, interns and others to help you get your material together.  Their visible accomplishments are obvious to the world, and moreover you have maintained their loyalty for years.  Were I in need of someone with absolute command of events I would consider poaching among your interns.  So I admire their loyalty as well as your ability to inspire it.  It is sad to contemplate the team breaking up.  (And for that reason, although I would consider poaching as I mentioned, I could not in fact bring myself to do so.) 

I’m sure you have the rest of your run already in mind, but there is something that is very important I have for you, and when you have such a secret you try to place it at the feet of somebody who can put it to use as a force for good.

The fact is that fertility depends on kinship.  You can marry a stranger as can your children, and this is often the source of some of our most capable people.  However it also represents a sink for capable people because if you carry it on too many generations fertility will fall catastrophically.  Proof is at
Maybe you can find something funny in that.  As for me I sense unspeakable horror or maybe mild humor.  I’d attach some pictures, but AOL won’t let me, so you can check them out here at the bottom of the posted copy of the letter. 

I mentioned turning the knowledge into a force for good.  For that check out YouTube “Babies Triumph over Evil.”  You must watch all 42 minutes, but since it rehashes much that is on the link you can start at minute and second 37:45.

I hope you can make use of it. 

Thank you for many a happy time.


M. Linton Herbert MD

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Florida Man fights to save the babies. 




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