November 23, 2009

Ms. Vladimira Kantorova
Associate Population Affairs Officer
Policy Section
Population Division
United Nations
New York, NY 10017

Dear Ms. Kantorova:
Fertility is falling worldwide.  From time to time I run across alarming things which I shrug off.  This is different.  If this trend cannot be stabilized at some level, the result is obvious.  The cause is clearly genetic.  It is following a pattern that has also been observed in animals.  I can show you a computer program based purely on Mendelian genetics and evolution that follows the same pattern. 

The way to stabilize it is based on a mating strategy that would be typical for wild animals.  If we do not make a deliberate choice, fertility will continue to decline until that strategy is forced on us and may not stop there.  Then it may be too late.  I do not know what the point of no return is.  It may not be when fertility falls to below replacement level; it may be when the last girl is born whose fertility on current trend will be below replacement level. 

Some of the massive evidence is included on the enclosed 10 minute DVD.  I hope you will take a look at it.

For years I have tried to get someone to take an interest in this without success.  If you are interested or know of anybody who would be, please let me know.


M. Linton Herbert MD 

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