October 2, 2009

Rodrigo Labouriau
Department of Genetics and Biotechnology
Faculty of Agricultural Sciences
University of Aarhus
Blichers Alle
Postbox 50

Dear Rodrigo Labouriau:

I have taken to writing open letters to my heroes (and a lot of people who I wish would act as heroes) on my website nobabies.net. Your articles on the relationship between marital radius and fertility continue to be a mainstay of my efforts to get the information to people that will let them have an adequate number of children, should they so choose.  You have been the most courteous of all the people I communicate with on this issue, so I have written you more than once and you are aware of what I have been doing.  This is more just a chance to say in public what I have written you already, that I much appreciate your work.

I came close to getting you a speaking engagement for the American genetics society, but alas they did not have funds.  Economy in a shambles and all that.  I would have paid your passage myself, but the same economy affects me as well.  I am enclosing the DVD I mentioned to you earlier.  It only takes 10 minutes to run, and I really think you will be interested in how I massaged your data so that it more closely resembles the other data I have been able to find.
All the best. 

Linton Herbert

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