April 12, 2010

Mark Regnerus PhD.
University of Texas at Austin
BUR 572
Mailcode A1700
Austin, TX 78712


Dear Dr, Regnerus:
I appreciated your contribution to the documentary “Demographic Winter.”  You have written a book called Forbidden Fruit.  The title must refer to the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and has to do with religion and sexual attitudes.  My interest might be called with some justification the Tree of Life.  In the documentary you mention, as few do, that we must be hardwired to reproduce.  Yet when given the ideal opportunity to do so, we fall short of biological necessity.  And you make the point that this is profoundly strange. 

You also stated that you really liked any assertion to be backed by evidence.  This attitude we share, and I shall now make an assertion.  Instead of filling this letter with the evidence let me refer you to nobabies.net, the March 25, 2010 entry.  The evidence is there and the site also contains letters like this and other material including more evidence. 

The assertion is this: in order to have sufficient fertility couples must be kin and this effect accumulates over generations.

No I don’t expect you to accept that just because I say it.  But the evidence is very strong.  I presented the evidence at a genetics convention in Albuquerque last month.  I managed to speak with about two dozen experts, showing them the poster that is the entry I am pointing you to.  Not one offered any serious evidence to the contrary although more than once I was challenged vigorously on individual bits of my own evidence, which I always take to be a good thing. 

One professor, Dr. James Evans, even made a helpful suggestion as to what direction I should move in next.  I am steeling myself for the effort.  As it turns out, he is from Chapel Hill.  The world of truly alert people is truly small. 

Have a look at my evidence and please let me know what you think.  If I am convincing, then there is precious little time to stabilize the birth rate.  And of course there is no time at all if, as I suspect, the realization that this is true will have a very strong effect in restoring us to a responsible attitude toward marriage. 


M. Linton Herbert MD   

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