June 16, 2015

Mauno Vihinen

Dear Dr. Vihnen:
I have read with interest your thoughts in No More Hidden Solutions in Bioinformatics NATURE vol. 521 no.7552 page 261.  I have published a paper, which I attach, including a simulation of the infertility attendant on insufficient kinship and it appears that fruit flies have a post-zygotic mechanism while mammals have that plus a pre-zygotic mechanism. 

Now it seems to me that such a contribution in a sorely neglected field would elicit either rage or enthusiasm.  But I have had no response at all.  Neglect has trumped opinion.  (Maybe not too surprising.  I didn’t find the article on PubMed.  None the less I think I shall take the quote from Carl Jung, “Thinking is difficult. That’s why most people judge,” and post it on my wall.)  At all events I should be most happy to make my source code available, but short of just throwing it up on my web site I am not sure how.  I am not with a suitable institution, and alas the next logical step in refining the program would require forty gigabytes (if I remember the last time I worked it out) rather than the two or four I have.  Obviously this is beyond the means of a burnt out old doctor. 

What do you think?


M. Linton Herbert MD

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