November 10, 2016


Michelle Obama c/o White House

Dear First Lady Michelle Obama,
Everyone is surprised by the outcome of the election, but I am perhaps a little less so.  I would have expected a populist to take the reins within a few more years.  The reason is simple.  Those who fail to marry cousins have fewer children and die out within a few generations.  The globalist class represented by Mrs. Clinton almost surely acted out their vision by marrying far from the family circle.  The ordinary people have done it less so, and more crucially, started later. 

I have put up evidence at:

Many hope that in a few years you will have a run at being president yourself; if so after having learned what is on that web site, you may take the common people more seriously; it is all demographic and that is all the consequence of whether we marry in or marry out.  The stable family circle size is probably about 100 nuclear families.

I think history beckons you to a higher purpose than being president; somebody needs to get this information to the public.  After fifteen or twenty years of trying I am, along with Hillary, ready to concede.  But you could do it.  If there is any way I can help I am utterly at your disposal. 


M. Linton Herbert MD

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