January 8, 2010

His Royal Highness Prince Charles
Lambeth Palace

Your Highness:

I was pouring over the recent book God is Back and found a remark that you were interested in an organic society.  This was something that, as an American, I did not know.  Of course you are absolutely right.  A society is indeed an organic whole if it is in good health.

I am sure you are well aware that there are a number of countries in which the society, from a biological standpoint, is anything but healthy.  The birth rate is below replacement level.  As a physician, to me that is like saying the patient’s blood pressure is falling out of control.  That would be bad news.

The cause goes back to the issue of being organic.  The parts of the society, the individuals, must be in a proper relationship to each other.  Crudely put, people need to be marrying cousins if they want children.  That is oversimplified, but the enclosed 10 minute DVD provides proof and references.  Of course it is still oversimplified.  I have put more information on my website NoBabies.net (where I shall also post this letter), and I should not make any claim to understanding the whole issue.  But so far as I know I am the only one working on it.  If you would be kind enough to give me your reaction I would be delighted and, if you so permit, post that as well.  I am also writing the Archbishop of Canterbury.

If I can be of any further assistance, please let me know.


M. Linton Herbert MD (NoBabies.net SilentNursery.com) 

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